Work Your Way with Roger Abouantoun By Laura Beales

Work Your Way is our new blog series in which individuals give their honest answers about how they like to work when working remotely. From how to create and maintain a work culture when working remotely, to how they best like to work remotely, they share their insights and top tips.

Roger Abouantoun shares with us his thoughts on how he prefers Remote-First where it is possible and applicable and the importance in cultural activities to keep employees engaged.

What is the biggest advantage to the company of working remotely?

1) Saving on rent (for example: an office with 30 people capacity will be enough for 100 employees assuming employees will be in the office on a rotation as needed based)

2) Allowing employees to feel more comfortable and trusted

Remote-Friendly or Remote-First?

It really depends on the nature of the company and the services they provide. Personally I prefer Remote-First where it is possible and applicable.


How do you keep remote work visible?

The company has to provide the right tools for video conference and tracking employees work. Equally, there should be education & training to the employees to explain what is expected from them and how they should adapt to working from home.

How do you maintain and create a company culture when working remotely?

1) Face to face team meeting regularly (bi-weekly/monthly). 2) Using cam where possible in conference calls. 3) Initiate more cultural activities to keep employees engaged together to somehow fill the gap that was created by WFH and employees not meeting each others anymore for coffees or walks.


Where is your favourite place to work from when working remotely?

My home office.

A big thank you to Roger for his honest answers and insights into remote working. Make sure you check out Fiserv.

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