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Our mission

The way that teams work has changed, but the way that workspace is provided hasn't. At Tally Market, we are on a mission to change that.

Our vision

We are changing the way teams work

We started Tally Market because we know that there is a better way to work and that the future is hybrid. The notion that there are only two work locations - home or the office - is outdated. People can work from anywhere and employees now expect to do so.

81% of the workforce never want to return to work five days a week in the office. Morevoer, 51% of employees don't have an appropriate space to work from home. Flexibility in work location is now the most in-demand employee benefit. Only companies who embrace hybrid working will attract and retain the best employees.

Tally Market allows companies to offer their employees the right type of workspace as and when they need it. Whether it's a local co-working venue, cafe, a library environment for when they want to focus or a big collaborative space for the company "All hands".

75% of employees are willing to give up at least one benefit and perk - including cash bonuses and paid time off - for the freedom to choose their work environment

The Founders

Meet Laura and Jules

Our founders Laura and Jules created Tally Market because they were tired of the lack of flexibility in where they worked.

Laura was frustrated with commuting for two hours a day, only to spend the day distracted by a noisy office when she was trying to concentrate on an Excel spreadsheet. Whilst Jules was spending her days paying a small fortune to work in coffee shops.

They wanted to create a solution to offer themselves and their teams. Why couldn't they have access to co-working venues close to their homes, or a creative and collaborative space for team get-togethers? They were looking for a simple solution that was set up for teams that wouldn't create tons of admin.

They learned that lots of company owners and HR professionals were looking for the same thing. So, they decided to do something about it.

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