Work without the workarounds

All businesses are different. But, until recently, most companies worked in exactly the same way. Permanent offices shackled businesses to steep rent, inflexible spaces, and long contracts. Not anymore.

An extraordinary opportunity for change

Better for businesses

Companies are going remote first, reducing office space, and enabling flexible working. We’re here to keep people happy, teams productive, and bills small.

Valuable for venues

Along the way, we’re helping our hospitality and co-working partner venues to diversify their sources of income for better stability (and profitability).-working and hospitality venues – all on your doorstep.

It matters now. It’ll matter tomorrow

2020 changed the way the world worked and, though there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we’ll all take many lessons with us.

Flexible working is here to stay – helping to reduce operating costs, improve employee wellbeing, and cut carbon footprints. It’s the start of something beautiful.

So, thanks for joining us on your journey, we’re happy to help you work your way.

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