People's Mission Hall

train station icon Aldgate East Underground Station

People's Mission Hall, E1 1EW

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People's Mission Hall

Coworking space in Aldgate East

The People's Mission Hall is located smack-dab in between Whitechapel and Aldgate Underground Stations on the famous Whitechapel Road. It's a beautifully designed workspace with lots of plants and quiet spots to concentrate as well as sofas to chit chat.

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"Really relaxing atmosphere and lots of lovely plants" 14 January 2022
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Access to zoom pods and call booths. Complimentary tea, and barrista-quality coffee, as well free fruit.

Amenities & Features

Is dog friendly
Disabled access
Outdoor area
Phone booths
Bike storage
Outside food allowed
Power outlets
Video conferencing
Natural daylight
Projector or screen


The workspace has all the facilities you would expect of a top-notch co-working venue from meeting rooms, to phone booths, to printing, to standing desks. For those wanting real peace and quiet, there is a library area for focused work. There is also access to bike storage, fully stocked showers and changing rooms with GHD straighteners and Dyson hair dryers for those wanting to cycle in.

What's more for the eco-conscious; the building is eco-friendly with bio-diverse roofs, low LED feature lighting, 456 interior plants and x5 Carbon offset. Zero waste goes to landfill - it is recycled, composted or converted to energy.

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