Our top 5 ways to manage time effectively when working remotely By Laura Beales

Not quite sure how time just disappears when you’re working from home? Struggling to manage your time effectively when working remotely? Do not worry - here at Tally we have five top tips for managing your time more effectively when working remotely.

1) Daily Huddle - Having a ‘Daily Huddle’ with your team each morning in which you all report on what you have achieved the previous day and define your tasks for the day ahead can be a great way to discuss and set your priorities. It is important to discuss any blockers you have and share any tips for effective work.

2) Take breaks - When working from home it is easy to forget to take breaks but strategic breaks are essential to maintain concentration and momentum. Make sure you take strategic breaks and schedule them on your calendar. Take your dog for a walk, watch an episode of your favourite series, meditate, go for a quick run or just daydreaming so you can give your mind a rest.


3) The “4Ds” - Chartered occupational psychologist Emma Donaldson-Feilder has shared her tips for better time management, to help you feel more in control, more focused and less stressed. She suggests setting goals and writing to-do lists that both prioritize and set out timings for tasks. And practising the “4Ds” can help manage email stress:

  • Delete: this applies to around half the emails you get.
  • Do: if it’s urgent or can be completed quickly.
  • Delegate: if someone else can deal with it better.
  • Defer: set aside time later to spend on emails that will take longer to deal with.


4) Time Tracking - It might seem a little tedious at first but tracking everything you do in 30 minute increments for a week can be a great way to discover what you are really spending you time on each week. The count up the hours each week you are spending on each group of tasks. At the end of the week, sit down with your manager to discuss where you are spending your time most effectively and areas in which you could reduce your time allocation.


5) Task Tracking - Software such as Monday, Airtable or Asana are excellent for task tracking. These can be used on an individual or team level.


When using task tracking software, it is important to track the estimated time needed for each task and afterwards the actual amount of time each task took. This should help in setting more realistic goals for each day.

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