Queen Mary University Enterprise Zone

5 Walden Street, E1 2EF

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How do I get there?

Head to 5 Walden St, London E1 2EF. Once you're outside, press the buzzer on the left-hand side of the door to enter, and a security guard will let you in.

After that, go downstairs and greet Sheryl, the community manager, who will let you into the workspace.

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Tally Tips!

Lunch Options 🍴

πŸ₯” The University Cafe (1 min walk), for a baked potato of your dreams - 5 Walden St, London E1 2EF

πŸ₯– Greggs (6 min walk), by the Whitechapel station - 243 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DB

🍒 Bento Bab (12 min walk), if you fancy a walk - get yourself the best Korean food in the area - 4 Commercial St, London E1 6LP

After Work πŸ•ΊπŸΌ

🍻 Good Samaritan Pub (2 min walk), for a cold pint after a long day at work - 87 Turner St, London E1 2AE