For Venues

How to get started with listing and promoting your space.

How does Tally Market work?

Tally is a platform that allows members to book desks, meeting rooms and private spaces at hospitality and co-working venues. 

Our members range from large companies looking to hire private spaces on a regular or a long-term basis, to individuals looking for a quiet desk to work from for the day.

The variety of needs of our members mean that many different types of venues choose to list with us. Hotels, restaurants, and cafes can increase profitability in quiet periods and co-working spaces have instant access to a new market of individuals and teams.

A member books a venue on the Tally platform with pre-paid tokens. A token is worth £5 (inclusive of VAT). You decide how much a space at your venue costs to book (in multiples of £5). So if you decide a hot desk at your venue is £10 per day, you will receive £10 for each bookings when we pay you at the end of each month.

Many venues choose to include ‘perks’ to make their venue more appealing to users. The perk you offer depends on what type of venue have. For example, a café might offer a free cup of tea whilst a co-working space might offer a meeting room for an hour or a voucher for refreshments. 

Getting live on Tally Market

What does a venue need to provide in order to be listed on Tally Market?
The minimum we require for a venue to be listed on Tally Market is a good wi-fi connection, plug sockets for individuals to charge their laptop and toilets. We also expect venues to reserve the agreed space and provide a warm welcome to our members!
How much should I list my workspace for?
Co-working spaces should charge the same fee as they offer on their website or to their members.  
Hospitality spaces typically charge £5-15 per day as they also benefit from upselling opportunities as users consume food and drink on site. We review pricing before venues are listed to ensure you and our members are getting a fair price. We also suggest you research what your competitors are offering on the platform so that you don’t miss out on bookings.
Still not sure? Contact our team and we can help you with your pricing.
What perks should I include in my listing?
A perk will help make your venue more attractive but is not necessary if it does not work for your business model.
The most popular perk for hospitality spaces is a token to spend in the venue that equals the value of the booking. However, we have a dropdown list of suggested perks on the platform.  
At co-working spaces think about what will help sell your space - perhaps free use of a meeting room for an hour or unlimited access to a stocked kitchen? Our members are big fans of unlimited tea and coffee!
How can I make my venue listing more popular?
Our most popular venues include beautiful photos and clear descriptions showing what is unique and special about the setting on their listing. Adding your listing to the platform is simple and involves filling in an online form. We then aim to approve your listing within one working day.
The platform includes search filters (for example ‘ dog-friendly' or ‘second screen availability’) to help you market your venue to the right audience and receive maximum exposure.
The venues that have "auto-approved" desks are automatically pushed to the top of our listings.
What if I want to amend my venue listing?
You can amend your venue listing at any time - simply log on to the platform and update your listing details.
How long are bookings?
For individual desks all bookings are for a full day. You set the opening hours your venue is available for Tally bookings and so what hours a full day entails is controlled by you.
For private spaces and meeting rooms, bookings can be by the hour, half-day or full-day. 
How much does it cost to use Tally Market?
It is free for venues to list and receive bookings on Tally Market.
What if I need to remove my listing?
You can remove your listing from the Tally Market platform at any time.

Accepting Bookings

How does the booking system work?
There are two ways in which bookings can be made:
1) You can set a fixed number of hot desks at your venue as "auto-approved". These seats can then be automatically reserved by our members - no need for you to approve the bookings. If you need to cancel a booking you can do so by logging on to our easy-to-use platform.
2) You receive an email asking you to accept or reject the bookings.  
At any time you can log in to the Tally platform to see an overview of your venue’s bookings.
What if I don't want my venue to be open to Tally Market members every day?
You can choose which days and hours your venue is made available for bookings by our members. You can also cancel bookings on the platform if necessary.
What if a user does not turn up for their booking?
You will still receive payment but please make sure the allocated workspace is kept available all day. Some of our users make a booking but only require it for the later part of the day.

How venues get paid

When can I expect to receive payment?
We make payments monthly on the last working day of the month. 
How does billing work?
There are two options that you can choose for billing:
1) You invoice us as you would any other supplier
2) You sign-up to our self-billing agreement and our system prepares automatic invoices on your behalf every month. This is the most popular option and is less hassle for you.
How does Tally Market make money?
We charge our members a fee for access to the platform. Our commission does not impact the amount you receive.