For Teams

How to book a space and get started with your team.

Finding somewhere to book

How does Tally Market work?
Tally Market is a platform that allows team members to book desk, meeting and private office space at co-working and hospitality venues both centrally and close to team members' homes. 
What type of workspaces can you book on Tally Market?
With Tally Market, you can book hot-desks, meeting rooms, offices and private spaces. Private spaces include a range of spaces from podcast studios to event spaces. 
How long are bookings?
For hot desks all bookings are for a full day. For private spaces, offices and meeting rooms, bookings can be by the hour, half-day or full-day.
What facilities are available at the venues?
Our venues have a range of excellent facilities from standing desks, to second screens to printers. Facilities at each venue are noted on each venue listing page. When searching for workspaces it is possible to filter by the facilities available at each venue.
What is included in each booking?
Hospitality venues most commonly include 'perks' in their booking - food, drinks, and/or token towards purchases made. Perks included with bookings are all noted on the venues listing page.
How does the booking system work?
Team members can search and book workspaces themselves on the platform. Once a booking request is made they will receive a confirmation email. They will receive another email when the booking is confirmed. Most venues auto-approve booking and hence this process is simultaneous. At any time you can log in to the Tally platform to see an overview of your bookings.
Can you make bookings for other people?
Absolutely, it is possible for a single user to book for up to 20 other people. Once a booking is confirmed, you can invite other people to your booking. They will then receive an email notifying them that a booking has been made for them with all the necessary details. 

Setting up Tally Market for my team

How do I add team members?
Simply add your team members' email addresses to your ‘Team’ within the platform and we will invite them to join your team. Once they have accepted, they will have access to tokens to book workspace as and when they need it. It is possible to set monthly limits on token usage per team member. 
How do I remove team members?
Simply remove your team members from your ‘Team’ within the platform. We will remove them from your team and they will no longer have access to tokens to book workspace.
How do I set usage limits?
It is easy to set monthly usage limits per employee within the platform if required - simply log in and set limits on the 'Teams' page. 
What if my team is looking for a regular space?
Get in touch with us directly and we can help you set up a recurring booking.

Subscriptions and token purchases

How much does it cost to use Tally Market?
Tally Market platform access is £10 per user per month (billed annually or £15/month if billed monthly). You can then purchase as many tokens as your team needs to use at workspace across the whole of the UK. Each token costs £5+ VAT. 
How do I purchase tokens for my team?
You can easily purchase tokens from within your Tally Market account. You can purchase a rolling subscription of tokens or you can buy a one-time bundle of tokens at any time. 
Do I need to have a token subscription to book a workspace?
Absolutely not! You can purchase a one-off bundle of tokens to use as and when you want without being tied into a monthly subscription.
How much does a workspace cost?
Our workspaces vary in costs, hence why we use a token system. Hot desks start from one token per day and private spaces start from four tokens per hour. We review pricing before venues are listed to ensure you and our members are getting a fair price.
What if my team needs more tokens in a certain month?
You can easily increase your monthly subscription at any time. If you don’t want to change your subscription you can buy one-time bundles of additional tokens.
What if my team has not used all of our tokens?
Don’t worry! You can roll forward unused tokens. If you choose to go for a rolling subscription of tokens then you can rollover tokens up to the total number of tokens in your upcoming plan. 
 What if I want to freeze or cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your plan at any time from within the platform. If you want to freeze your subscription then email us at [email protected]