Work Your Way with Zayn Blore, COO & Co-Founder at Simplify Change By Laura Beales

Work Your Way is our new blog series in which individuals give their honest answers about how they like to work when working remotely. From how to create and maintain a work culture when working remotely, to how they best like to work remotely, they share their insights and top tips.

Zayn Blore, COO & Co-Founder at Simplify Change shares with us how Zoom fatigue is real and how important 1-2-1's are. Simplify Change guarantees company-wide adoption of new technologies, applications & processes. Their unique methodology has simplified the change management process to its fundamentals ensuring that whatever their clients want to achieve, change doesn’t have to stand in the way.


What is the biggest advantage to the company of working remotely?

Reduced travel time, and more flexibility with working.

Remote-Friendly or Remote-First?

Remote-Friendly. Working from home reduces commute time, let’s us recruit across the world, and allows us to hold meetings easily with clients and our team we prefer face-to-face interactivity. Yet, Zoom fatigue, lack of human connection is quickly apparent over the internet, and for brainstorming, collaboration, team-building and other reasons meeting in person is our preference.


How do you keep remote work visible?

We have a weekly planning meeting, then stand-ups 3 times a week to ensure everyone is on track and meeting their targets. All deliverables have due dates, and clear expectations, allowing our team to work when and where suit them. As long as they’re meeting their goals everyone is happy. Everyone has targets and goals to work towards in addition to weekly tasks which allows the team to stay focused to the larger, long term goals of the company.


How do you maintain and create a company culture when working remotely?

Maintaining the human touch is important. We have 1-2-1’s with all of the team frequently, staff Friday lunches, and we encourage collaboration amongst the team. When possible, we also ensure the team meet up to allow brainstorming, and connections to grow. The easiest way is just to chat for 5 minutes before each meeting. Think of it as grabbing a coffee before the meeting kicks off.

A big thank you to Zayn for his honest answers and insights. Make sure you check out Simplify Change.

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