What five things does everyone want from a coworking space? By Emma Campbell

It is true, not everyone wants the same from their coworking or flexible office space. I personally prioritise ‘good’ background music, an unlimited supply of oat milk, natural light, and plants. However, that isn’t always for everyone!

There does however seem to be some commonality. After lengthy chats with our lovely Tally Market users, we have curated a list of the facilities and amenities that tend to be the most sought after;

Natural light

This can be harder to find than you might think. The vast majority of people prefer to work in a space filled with natural light. That 4 pm slump is always much worse when you haven’t seen any daylight!



With teams tending to meet up less frequently than they previously did, it seems that it is even more important for them to be able to scribble down their thoughts together on a whiteboard. We ❤️ a whiteboard session.

Top Tip: Ask the space if they have pens that are able to write on glass (or bring your own). Then when the space on your whiteboard runs out you can move onto the window or glass wall!



Lactose-free, oat, almond, coconut, the list goes on. It might be a little embarrassing to admit but we have all got so used to having an unlimited supply of our favourite milk or mylk that we expect nothing less when working from a coworking or flexible workspace. Thankfully, coworking spaces have caught on and most spaces have a great selection. Shoutout to Mindspace Shoreditch for having an entire fridge full of oat milk!


Good coffee

What’s better to fuel a good day of work than several good cups of coffee? Everyone appreciates a good quality coffee and it helps if you don’t have to pop out the nearest coffee shop every time you fancy a caffeine hit.

If you are looking to go one step further then book to work from CoBalance or Hotel Elephant where you get unlimited barista-made hot drinks, from oat cappuccinos to almond milk turmeric lattes.


Phone booths

We don’t necessarily come to corking or flexible office spaces to spend all day on zoom calls or google hangouts but it is inevitable that you will have to take a few calls throughout the day. Consequently, it can be great to have a phone booth to pop into when you do. We recommend Mindspace Shoreditch, Missionworks, or Work.Life Farringdon if you are expecting a call heavy day.


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