Trying to work but the background noise is distracting you? Don’t fret, we have found the perfect solution. By Laura Beales

Whether it is in the office, at home or out and about, finding a way we can minimise the noise around us as we put our heads down and work has long been a struggle and can often leave you wanting to pull your hair out. It seems nowhere is safe from the noise of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Finding ways we can minimise the noise around us have long been a priority and thankfully we think we have found the product to eliminate background noise for good.

The product in question?

Krisp; the world’s best AI-powered noise cancelling technology that with a single button, will eradicate any unnecessary background noise. Bliss! Krisp gives you freedom to make calls from anywhere you want using your phone and laptop - and as we love working in coffee shops, pubs and cafés so much, there really couldn’t be a better product.


Named One of 20 Rising Stars as Part of Forbes’ Cloud 100 List, Krisp has done what Apple and Samsung have not been able to. All modern smartphones have multiple microphones deployed on the phone, one located close to your mouth, and the other designed as far as possible from your mouth. With this setup, noise cancellation works only when we hold our phones close to our mouth, and this just doesn’t always happen.

With headsets like AirPods, putting our phone on loud-speaker in the car or holding out our phones as we use video calls, our phones noise cancellations STOPS working entirely. No wonder we have experienced countless missed words, and disruptions during a call! But, here to krisp all our noisy calls is… you guessed it ‘Krisp’, the app that has our back, designed to fix this exact problem.


You can use Krisp to call any phone number, join conference calls - like, Zoom, Webex, Meet, MS Teams, Skype for Business and so many more. It really does work anywhere, at home with noisy kids, a barking dog, a loud airport, on the street - just give Krisp mobile dialer a try, and you will be truly amazed.

Krisp performs all audio processing locally, which especially means that your voice and audio will never leave the device. So, the next time you set-up office from one of Tally’s workspaces, noisy distractions will no longer be a problem. Working remotely has never felt so good, and noiseless.

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