Tally Market Case Study: Startup Grind Scotland By Mir Shueb Ahmed

Startup Grind Scotland aims to help entrepreneurs and Startups get off their feet by supplying advice and monthly fireside chats as part of the global Startup Grind network for entrepreneurs. Startup Grind has over 600 chapters in over 125 countries.

Declan McLaughlin is the chapter director for Startup Grind Scotland. Declan is also the Partnership Manager for Frog Systems, a service that offers fully customisable video-based wellness software for any organisation that is attempting to support its employees or communities.

We sat down with Declan to chat about his experience of using Tally Market:

Declan McLaughlin

How did you first find out about Tally Market?

From Jules herself! We worked together on many virtual events in 2020 and I was very excited about what she was building, especially as we’re now navigating a whole new world whereby traditional offices are no longer the norm.

Virtual Meeting on a Laptop

How has Tally Market benefited you as a founder and entrepreneur?

I’ve had many occasions whereby I’ve needed to work in central London and it’s been a game-changer to be able to book a high-quality space to work, especially being able to choose from specifics such as a quiet place, phone booths, etc.


What do you look for in a space to work?

For me, a real sense of community comes first. I do believe that there are benefits to working somewhere other than home and this is the key one for me. I also really appreciate somewhere that has been intentional about the interior design as it makes a big difference to work in a nice-looking place! Some thought into the essentials such as fast wifi, coffee, and phone booths is also high on my list.

Neighbourhood Works Reception for Coworking Space Available On-Demand On Tally Market Website

What has been your favourite venue so far?

Mindspace in Shoreditch was a great experience. I had an important job interview that day and I used the space to complete my final video call - I got the job at the end which is a great sign and I also enjoyed the community vibe as well as the coffee facilities!

Mindspace Shoreditch Coworking Space Available On-Demand On Tally Market Website

Do you have any advice to share on how you can maximize your productivity at work?

I’ve started being much more intentional about my calendar, even going as far as to implement ‘no meeting’ days on Tuesday and Thursday as it allows me to get into some deep work without the stress of having too many calls to interrupt me. I also use ‘focus’ mode on my laptop which blocks any notifications when I want to focus.

Productivity at work

Are there any exciting events coming up you're involved with as part of the startup grind community?

A few! We’re focusing heavily on web-3 these days so will have plenty of virtual events to offer. Of course, in-person is best but it’s also nice to tune in remotely to get the best of both worlds.

Startup Grind Scotland Logo

Startup Grind Scotland's main goal is to help supply the necessary tools for budding startups to thrive in their industries. They hold many virtual events on a regular basis that could provide integral knowledge to anyone attempting to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you are interested in learning more about Startup Grind Scotland: Click Here!

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