Scope Kings Cross: Interview with Member Relationships Manager, Martina Misciagna By Jeni Boyd

Located minutes away from St Pancras station, Scope Kings Cross spans 3 floors and offers flexible hot desk options as well as high spec meeting rooms. Their rooftop terrace boasts epic views of Kings Cross and also doubles up as an event space.

St Pancras station

We sat down with Member Relationships Manager, Martina Misciagna, to chat about the venue and her experience with using Tally Market.

What kind of people and companies does Scope Kings Cross attract?

This venue in particular attracts mainly startups and freelancers.

Scope Kings Cross Coworking Space Available on Tally Market

How would you describe the vibe across The Scope venues?

I would describe the venue at Scope Kings Cross as quiet, cosy and friendly. It is not your traditional corporate office. It has a very relaxed vibe and we are very close with our clients. I’ve previously worked in corporate offices and they can be quite strict and inflexible. At Scope Kings Cross we have really flexible options so you can simply book a hot desk or a meeting room at really affordable prices and have access to lots of great facilities.

Scope Kings Cross Coworking Space Available on Tally Market

What do you think this venue’s best feature is?

Our best feature is definitely our rooftop terrace, it has incredible views of King Cross station and is also where we host our fitness classes. We offer weekly yoga and boxing classes as well as one to one personal training sessions. It is weather permitting, of course, but last year we managed to host the classes every week up until November. I attend them myself as I think it is really important to implement some sort of activity during your working hours as a break or just to mix up your daily routine. It also means you don’t have to travel to the gym after work which is a bonus.

Scope Kings Cross Rooftop Terrace Available on Tally Market

Who can attend these classes?

We have a weekly timetable and any Scope member or day passer can attend the fitness classes for free.

Scope Kings Cross Coworking Space Available on Tally Market

I love the windows and the natural light here, what do you think the benefit of working in such an environment is?

Yes, this venue has lots of big windows and natural daylight. We also picked a blue and orange colour scheme in order to help enhance productivity. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and research have shown that people are more productive in blue rooms. While the colour orange is thought to have an effect on your brain which tricks it into thinking time goes quickly.

Scope Kings Cross Meeting Room Available on Tally Market

What are the best spots for lunch and after-work drinks nearby?

Remoli at Kings Cross station is great and does fresh pasta, we always recommend our clients to go there. Deli-licious 2 go is also a nearby Turkish bakery that serves homemade salads and falafel dishes. Lastly, Drake & Morgan is our client’s favourite local pub and is perfect for after-work drinks.

Remoli at Kings Cross station

How has your experience so far been with Tally Market?

My feedback is definitely positive. Everyone at Tally Market is always really nice and I’ve not encountered any issues. However, if a problem were to arise then I know I can easily reach you and we would find a solution straight away.

Tally Market Branding

How did you find the listing process?

I found the listing process really smooth. Your colleague, Emma, came to visit and we sat down and completed the listing together which made it really quick and easy.

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