Our top 5 independent co-working spaces in London By Laura Beales

Sick of working from home? Looking to support local independent businesses? We have just the spaces for you...

1) Cobalance Cafe - Shoreditch

Nobody has ever had a bad word to say about Cobalance.

Why? The team is LOVELY and the coffees are delightful. Plus it has absolutely everything you could ever need for a productive day's work - we are talking phone booths, active seats, lockers, and second monitors.

Cobalance Cafe, Shoreditch

2) Salty Commune - Hackney

Not your typical co-working space. It used to be a church. It has a snazzy rooftop plus a stage that doubles as a breakout space and dog petting zone.
p.s. It hosted Kate Moss's first photoshoot & it used to be a nightclub... what's not to love?

Salty Commune, Hackney

3) Clerkenworks - Clerkenwell

Right next to Farringdon this lovely old print factory has been converted into a beautiful family run co-working space. Clerkenworks has the space for whatever mood you are in with a boutique focus space, sociable creative cafe, rooftop terrace, and zen garden.

Clerkenworks, Clerkenwell

4) Good Space Neighbourhood Work Club - Queen's Park

The Good Space Neighbourhood work club is an office that doesn’t feel like an office, but more like a shared living room for the neighbourhood. A super friendly place where you can get stuff done, but also meet lots of new interesting neighbours.

Clerkenworks, Clerkenwell

5) The Co-Dalston - Dalston

Located close to Dalston Kingsland station this space has a friendly team and small community, perfect for a productive day of work. They also have a shared professional kitchen workspace perfect for pop up restaurants and delivery businesses.

The Co-Dalston, Dalston

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