How do you hire the best remote workers, remotely? By Laura Beales

Hiring is hard at the best of times and that challenge only gets harder when having to hire remotely. Gone are the days when you sit for hours in a meeting room, interviewing an array of friendly faces one after another. However, it is a new reality and I am sure that many of us now work with several colleagues we have never met in person.

Thankfully, here at Tally, we have some top tips for hiring remote workers successfully whilst also being remote yourself.

Use a different job search site

Job search websites are commonly the go-to places for posting open positions and attracting new employees. But by posting jobs on traditional job search websites, it is likely you find yourself reviewing hundreds of applicants who aren’t suitable for remote and/or flexible work. We recommend using a job search website specifically designed to attract remote and/or flexible employees for example Juggle Jobs or Flexa (


Change your interview questions

With your candidate expected to work remotely, the interview process for hiring is different than it was for in-person employees. In addition to needing the skills for the specific role, candidates need to be tech-savvy, have good communication skills, be proactive and have the ability to collaborate remotely. We suggest the following questions:

  • When do you prefer to work during the day?
  • How do you remain productive when working remotely?
  • What skills are important for remote workers?
  • How do you think it is best to collaborate remotely?
  • How do you avoid miscommunication?


    Communicate your culture

    When working remotely, it can be more challenging for candidates to absorb the culture of your company. You want to attract and hire people who share in your company’s culture and values, therefore it is important that you present your values and define your culture during the hiring process.


    Set practical expectations

    When hiring remotely, it is paramount to define your expectation of the role with regards to:

    • If they can choose to work their own hours
    • If and when they are expected to meet the team ‘in real life’
    • If they can work in different countries (in different time zones) when not in the office
    • When they are expected to attend team meetings e.g. daily, weekly

      Hiring remotely for remote positions can be a challenge but when done right it can be hugely successful. You will be able to find amazing, self-motivated candidates who share in your passion and can help push your company forward.

      If you would like to provide your employees with access to productive spaces to work or need a place for your team to meet and collaborate then get in touch with us at [email protected]

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