Announcing our new integration with Nexudus By Jules Robertson

Tally Market launches its integration with Nexudus - significantly improving the booking experience for both Tally Market users and flex space providers.

London, 31st March 2022: We are excited to announce that Tally Market has integrated with Nexudus. Significantly improving the booking experience for Tally Market users by enabling them to book workspaces in a matter of seconds.

Meeting room at The Loft - on Tally Market

With 81% of companies now utilising a hybrid workspace strategy, the ability for teams to book workspace as and when needed is more in demand than ever. The integration with Nexudus enables Tally Market users to book hot desks, meeting rooms and day offices in seconds.

Meeting room at The Park - on Tally Market

"We are thrilled to announce this new integration with Tally Market. Our aim at Nexudus is to streamline the entire process of running coworking and flex workspaces. This integration allows our customers to share their inventory easily with Tally Market."

Carlos Almansa, Co-Founder Nexudus

Carlos Almansa, Co-founder of Nexudus - on Tally Market

For flex space operators, using Tally Market alongside Nexudus is the easiest way for them to market their flexible workspace. Enabling operators to earn revenue from a growing market of remote and hybrid teams. The integration can be set up in minutes with no technical expertise needed. Just an easy way to get access to a new audience of workers, maximise the use of your space and earn extra income.

“We list our meeting rooms with about five other platforms and Tally Market is by far the easiest to use and get set up. It also happens to be the one we get the most revenue from! We can’t believe how many bookings we have had in just a short time.”

Rose Merritt, Building Manager at The Space.

Work.Life Soho Meeting Room - on Tally Market

The integration automatically checks the availability of workspace using Nexudus. If available - they can be booked in seconds. Hence bringing real-time availability for thousands of workspaces across the globe to Tally Market customers.

Tally Market partners with hundreds of operators across the world to enable them to seamlessly offer their flexible workspaces to a growing market of companies wanting flexible workspace on-demand. Tally Market is a one-stop solution for workspace - offering teams hot desks, meeting rooms and full-time offices to teams.

“We are very excited to integrate with Nexudus and bring an amazing booking experience to both our users and operators using Nexudus. For operators using Tally Market alongside Nexudus is an incredibly frictionless process and we can’t wait to work with many more operators using Nexudus to manage their space. ”

Laura Beales, Co-founder of Tally Market

Laura Beales, Co-founder of Tally Market

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