An interview with Steve Hanton, the Managing Director of Beehive Lofts By Laura Beales

We spoke to Steve Hanton, the Managing Director of Beehive Lofts about their space and ask what her work-related life hack is.

Nestled in the lofts of a Grade II listed mill in Manchester, Beehive Lofts is an inspiring shared workspace. Designed as a home-from-home for creatives, the Loft has everything you need to be productive in your work. If you feel like getting away from your desk for the afternoon, you can also work from any one of their comfortable sofas, booths and hammocks.

What 3 words would you use to describe Beehive Lofts?

Community, Collaboration and well-being

Where is your favourite place to work from within the venue?

 Personally, I prefer a Loft that we call the Lower Side Small, it's slightly out of the way and a little darker and more gritty. It's exactly what I like. Although the rest of the lofts are the complete opposite being bright and open spaces.

What kind of crowd do you attract?

We tend to attract people that are looking for a more community-driven space. We are quite mixed in genders and have ages of members ranging from 20 - 65 yrs.

What is your work-related life hack?

Create a safe space to work that is yours and never changes, but then spend 25% of your day working away from this space to change your way of thinking. If you're 100% transient you're less efficient, but if you're 100% locked to your desk your creativity is stifled. A mix of safe space and new space keeps your mind active.


Where is the best place to grab lunch nearby?

Rads Caribbean Takeaway is a hidden gem in Ancoats.


A big thank you to Steve and be sure to book to go work from Beehive Lofts on Tally.

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