An interview with Ilana Sacks, Marketing Operations Manager at Runway East By Emma Campbell

We spoke to Ilana Sacks, the Marketing Operations Manager at Runway East about their London Bridge venue and lets us know what surprises people about the space.

Only a stone’s throw away from London Bridge underground and overground, Runway East’s four floors of innovation is the perfect place to work remotely. With plenty of space to work in phone booths, meeting rooms, a breakout space, an onsite cafe and a gorgeous roof terrace to soak up the best view in London. Definitely something to look forward to.

What three words would you use to describe your venue?

Vibrant, community, unique

What is one thing that surprises people when they come to your space?

 The location! Right underneath the shard, next to Borough Market and London Bridge train station.

Where is your favourite place to work from within the venue?

The cafe area, it’s got a nice relaxed atmosphere


Where is the best place to grab lunch nearby?

The falafel stand outside the station, it’s called All That Falafel and it is the best! 

Finally, what’s on the cards for Runway East London Bridge for the rest of 2021?

We’re in the process of sprucing the site, the cafe area was redone recently, the walls have been refreshed, and lots more as we get ready to welcome members back into our space. We’re bringing back our infamous happy hour over the next few weeks and the team is working hard to create some covid friendly events to get the community vibes back.

A big thank you to Ilana and be sure to book to go work from Runway East on Tally.

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