An interview with Deepika Kesar, the Co-working Manager of Future Leap By Laura Beales

We spoke to Deepika Kesar, the Co-working Manager of Future Leap about their space and ask what her work-related life hack is.

Future Leap hub is home to a brand new, carbon neutral co working space with plenty of hot desks or fixed desk options and private offices founded by The Future Economy Network. Sustainability is at the heart of Future Leap and it is embedded within the building itself.

Where is your favourite place to work from within the venue?

I love working at the old cable reel tables with colourful chairs. There is a massive window which is the perfect spot for people watching on Gloucester Road 

What kind of crowd do you attract?

 Our main focus at Future Leap is sustainability and we are a carbon neutral company. So we get a lot of small businesses that have a focus on sustainability, green tech start-ups, charities. But at the same time, we get lots of people who might not work in the sustainability industry but working in a carbon neutral space is important to them personally. 

What is your work-related life hack?

Get to know the other people working in your co-working space as you never know who you might meet! 

Where is the best place to grab lunch nearby?

At the Future Leap cafe! It has so many yummy goodies. My favourite is the vegan blueberry croissant and the Bang bang tofu salad. 


Finally, what’s on the cards for Future Leap for the rest of 2021?

So many exciting things. We will start hosting weekly sustainability events in our large event space, monthly socials for co-workers, and a monthly sustainable pop-up market in our retail space. 


A big thank you to Deepika and be sure to book to go work from Future Leap on Tally.

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