5 reasons to visit Landmark - 99 Bishopsgate By Jules Robertson

When you think of the word "Landmark," what comes to mind? Probably something like "the tallest building in London." Or maybe "the second-tallest building in England." If that's true, then there's another Landmark that many people don't know about—and it offers even more reasons to visit.


The Landmark offices are designer work spaces that are built with you in mind. They have quality furniture, including Herman Miller and Knoll desks. Once that really stands out is Landmark - 99 Bishopsgate.

It has meeting rooms available for hire by the hour or day on a flexible basis at competitive rates; conference rooms equipped with whiteboards and projectors are also available for use during office hours. It also has lounge areas where you can relax between meetings or when you need a break from work; there's also a kitchenette stocked with coffee machines, tea pots, fridge space for storing your lunch, microwaves — everything you need to stay energized throughout the day!



Coworking is the new way to work. It’s all about collaborating with other professionals and getting the most out of your day in an environment that suits you. Landmark have been offering coworking since 2007. Their range of flexible spaces means that no matter what kind of work you do or how large or small an operation you run, they can accommodate you.



As you move through the building and meet others, you're likely to find that there's something in common between you and your new friend. Maybe they work at an advertising agency or are a musician? They might even be an entrepreneur who runs their own business! Be sure to share ideas and learn from others, as well as share knowledge and experience. You never know where it will lead! You'll also have the chance to meet new people and make new friends during your time here—maybe even one day when we're old friends!

“99 Bishopsgate packs a punch with its modern flexible workspace flooded with natural light, breath-taking 8,000ft terrace and stunning views over London from the 15th floor. It occupies an ideal location in the heart of the City close to Liverpool Street station and five minutes from Bank station, and the national rail and Stanstead Express are nearby, too. The area has plenty of bars and restaurants where business people can network at lunch or in the evening. Both large and small meeting rooms can be set up as a boardroom or training rooms together with a spacious club space area to enjoy” Josefine Martensson​, Bookings & Distribution Manage


There are a lot of reasons why you should visit Landmark - 99 Bishopsgate, but one of the most important ones is to learn new skills and get inspired. There are experts in every field and they want to share their knowledge, ideas and skills with you. In fact, they can’t wait to share them! They might not be able to tell you everything you need to know, but they will point you in the right direction so that you can continue learning on your own.

These experts may be people who have already achieved success with their business or idea; however, some may still be working on their own projects or business ventures and looking for feedback from others who have been in similar situations before them. This type of support system is invaluable because it allows everyone involved to share ideas freely without judgment or criticism from others within the community at large (which makes everyone feel safe).



We want to meet clients in a professional environment. That's why Landmark - 99 Bishopsgate offer meeting rooms with the latest technology, including HDTVs and LCD screens that can be shared among multiple people. They also have a stunningly beautiful atrium where you can hold presentations or host workshops.

It's important that your clients feel comfortable when they visit you, so they’'ve designed their social spaces with relaxation in mind: their on-site café serves up delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day; their Lounge Bar is an ideal place for impromptu meetings or quiet conversation; and their Club Room provides ample space for you to host events—including off-site lunches!

Landmark's coworking space, meeting rooms and office are all located on the top floor of 99 Bishopsgate. This means that you can enjoy the incredible views while working alongside likeminded people. The office is furnished with desks and chairs, along with a kitchen area where staff can make coffee or tea. If you have meetings at Landmark, our team will be happy to organise these for you in one of our modern meeting rooms or an event space on the ground floor in front of Liverpool Street Station.


We hope we’ve convinced you that Landmark - 99 Bishopsgate is the perfect place to work. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a new space, or an entrepreneur looking for co-working desks and meeting rooms, they have everything you need right here in our beautifully designed building. Book a room there today

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